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Apollo Aerospace Components

Axon’ Cable & interconnect Partnership


Axon Connector Products

Apollo Aerospace Components is pleased to announce a new partnership between it’s Hampshire based facility and  Axon’ cable & interconnect.

This agreement enables Apollo to distribute the full range of Micro-D Connectors to MIL-DTL-83513 as well as Nano-D Connectors to MIL-DTL-32139. The products available include micro circular, hermetic, non-magnetic, space approved microstrip connectors, combination layouts with signal, power & RF and custom connector assemblies. A full range of accessories including jacking hardware, backshells and band straps are also available.

Axon’ cable & interconnect is a worldwide leader in specialist interconnect. The group designs and manufactures custom cables, composite cables, flat flex cables, cable assemblies, connectors and mini-interconnect systems for high tech applications. The products are typically used in industries such as, aeronautics, space, military, medical and off-shore, where reliability, space or weight saving are a requirement.

The small and robust Micro-D and Nano-D connectors are designed to operate in harsh environments and utilise the innovative, high reliability twist pin contact. They meet all the high-performance requirements of MIL-DTL-83513 and MIL-DTL-32139 including robustness, durability, low contact resistance, high current, dielectric strength, vibration and shock resistance.

For more information please contact the team at Apollo Aerospace Components today.


Axon’ cable & interconnect is a worldwide leader in specialist interconnect.