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subsea connectivity Ametek

Subsea connectors from AMETEK SCP are widely used in many undersea and military applications and are also highly suitable for any operation where pressure, humidity, or temperature is a factor.

AMETEK SCP offers design, development and manufacture of a complete range of rugged and reliable electrical and fibre optic connectors for extreme, critical and subsea applications. These offer comprehensive solutions for connectors and complete cable assemblies that include copper conductors, fibre, hybrid (fibre/copper) and coax designs. Ametek is qualified to manufacture U.S. Navy PPD fibre optic cable assemblies and associated Measurement Quality Jumpers (MQJ). In addition, coax cable assemblies range from simple data applications to RF/Microwave in single and multi-contact configurations.

This style of connector is widely used in many undersea and military applications and is also highly suitable for any operation where pressure, humidity, or temperatures are factors of performance.

AMETEK SCP’s range of commercial products include the high performing hermetic glass to metal seal family and high performance electrical and fibre optic products. These connectors are used in sub-sea, offshore and commercial situations and also in aerospace and mass transit applications.

Coax Connector and Cable Assembly Series

AMETEK SCP’s line of coaxial connectors offer exceptional performance for applications ranging from sea surface to deep ocean. Robust and reliable, the glass-to-metal sealed receptacles provide panel or bulkhead protection not available in IP-67 class connectors, at a fairly modest premium.

AMETEK SCP offers these connectors in an assortment of standard styles and cabling options, and can quickly evaluate custom components and applications if required.

Coax-Connector-and-Cable-Assembly-Series datasheet

Glass to Metal Sealed Connectors

Tested and manufactured in accordance with the strict requirements of a variety of military (MIL-C-24231 and MIL-C-24217), commercial and customer specifications, all connectors are guaranteed to meet your needs, AMETEK SCP has a state-of-the-art design and development capability.

With 175 years of cumulative engineering experience utilizing some of the most sophisticated design and testing tools available, your special requirements can be used to produce a connector, cable assembly or piece of equipment.

CPA2155-Over-Mold-Plug datasheet CA5275-In-line-plug-to-receptacle-cable datasheet CRA2154-Bulkhead-Receptacle datasheet CPA2438-Over-Mold-In-Line-Standard-Plug datasheet CPA2902-Over-Mold-Right-Angle-Plug datasheet

ELITE Dry Mate Connector Series

AMETEK’s ELITE Dry Mate Connector is designed for those applications where the plug and receptacle will be fully mated in a dry environment and then submerged in salt or fresh water.

Elite-Dry-Mate datasheet

ELITE Wet Mate Electric (WME) Connector Series

AMETEK’s Wet Mate Electric Connector has been designed for use in the extreme environments found in subsea and downhole oil & gas applications.

Elite-Wet-Mate datasheet

Fibre Optic Feed Thru

AMETEK SCP has designed the world’s first glass sealed hermetic High Temperature High Pressure Fibre Optic Feed Thru (FOFT) for use in oil and gas exploration. Designed and tested to withstand 35,000 PSI at 350ºC, this product is designed for downhole environments.

Fiber-Optic-Feed-Through datasheet