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Apollo Aerospace Components
mil dtl 5015 connectors

Mil 5015 connectors are a family of heavy-duty circular connectors designed for use in demanding and rugged applications in both the military and industrial sectors. They are primarily selected for their ease of engagement and disengagement, with an ability to house different types of contacts. Apollo also supplies the reverse bayonet style VG95234 used in military applications and extensively in the rail and mass transit markets.

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Style Variants

Series I – Solder contacts
Series II – Front removable crimp contacts
Series III – Rear removable crimp contacts
MIL 5015 connectors

Product Options


  • Threaded
  • Reverse Bayonet


  • Solder
  • Crimp
  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Thermocouple Contact
  • Arrangements as defined in MIL-DTL-5015

Body Platings:

  • Cadmium Olive Drab
  • Zinc-Cobalt
  • Electro-less Nickel

Mounting variants:

  • Panel
  • Box
  • Jam Nut
  • Stand-offs

Did you know?

MIL-DTL-5015 connectors are one of the earliest military specified connectors and the commercial versions are now widely used where ruggedness and long life is required.