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Airtight guarantee of connector performance

Airtight guarantee of connector performance

ESUK Airtight Connectors News

As the exclusive European franchise distributor of Ametek Interconnect Technologies’ range of hermetic circular connectors, NYK Component Solutions offers connectors which provide an airtight seal and high degree of electrical performance under extreme environmental conditions.

The connectors boast low air leakage (hermeticity), high insulation resistance and high dielectric withstanding voltage, plus superior levels of corrosion resistance, insert retention and resistance to thermal shock. These connectors are used in applications featuring large pressure differentials between the mating face and rear of the connector, such as avionics boxes where the connector is subject to the differential pressure, inside and outside the aircraft.

Quality approvals

NYK Component Solutions is approved to AS9100 Rev D, AS9120 Rev B and ISO9001 2015 and is approved by Ametek Interconnect Technologies to supply: MIL-DTL-38999, MIL-DTL-83723 Series III, MIL-DTL-26482 Series I and II, MIL-DTL26500, EN299Y + YE, ESC10YE.

NYKCS provides OEM pricing and 100 per cent on-time scheduling to meet hermetically sealed connector requirements, stocking a range of MILDTL-38999 Series III hermetic connectors in Y and N class in a variety of styles including D38999/21, D38999/23, D38999/25 and D38999/27. These receptacles are designed to provide excellent service in severe environments including high temperature, humidity, vibration, shock and where EMI/RFI shielding is required. The triple lead thread offers quick disconnect with a non-decoupling feature designed into the plug. The scoop proof design prevents accidental bending of the contacts and provides for grounding the plug and receptacle prior to engagement of the pin and socket contacts.

For harsher environments the HTX range of high temperature connectors with shell and insert arrangements is also available, compatible to several MIL standards or customer specific designs.

The extreme performance levels are made possible by a proprietary glass insulation material developed by the Hermetic Seal Corporation.