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Apollo Aerospace Components

Apollo Aerospace steps up presence at Aero India 2023

Apollo Aerospace steps up presence at Aero India 2023

Aero India 2023 is an international aerospace and defense exhibition and air show that is held every two years in Bengaluru, India. The event provides a platform for the aerospace and defense industry to showcase their products, services, and technologies to attendees and industry professionals. The air show features displays and demonstrations of military and civilian aircraft, as well as exhibits by companies in the aerospace and defense sector. Aero India 2023 is expected to attract a large number of visitors, including government officials, military personnel, and representatives from aerospace and defense companies from around the world. The event serves as an important opportunity for the aerospace and defense industry to network, conduct business, and share their knowledge and expertise with others in the industry.

Apollo Aerospace is all set to step up presence at Aero India 2023 as a high-quality supplier of complete range of fasteners, hardware, plastic solutions and electrical connectors to all A&D applications. Apollo Aerospace Components have proven track record for being a trusted supplier of components and associated supply chain solutions. With over 9 stocking locations worldwide (expanding to 12), we have the capability to offer not only competitive products, but adaptive supply chain & logistic solutions designed to meet specific and unique customer needs.

Aero India 2023 to showcase the growing prowess of Aerospace sector

The aerospace sector has experienced significant growth in recent years, driven by factors such as the increasing demand for air travel, the growth of the global economy, and the increasing need for military and defense capabilities. This growth has led to increased investment in research and development, as well as advancements in technology, which has allowed the aerospace sector to deliver more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly aircraft. The aerospace sector also plays a crucial role in supporting economic growth by creating jobs and driving innovation, and it is an important contributor to many countries’ gross domestic product (GDP).

Aero India reflects the growing ambition of the Indian economy in the aerospace sector. India has a rapidly growing economy and a large population, and it has set its sights on becoming a major player in the global aerospace and defense industry. The country has a rich history of engineering and innovation, and it has a well-established aerospace industry, with a growing number of companies specializing in the manufacture of aircraft components and systems. With initiatives like Make in India, the country is showcasing its capabilities and attracting investment from overseas companies, as well as building partnerships and collaborations with other nations in the aerospace sector. This reflects India’s growing ambition to become a major player in the global aerospace industry, and to play an increasingly important role in the development of the sector.

Key showcases by Apollo Aerospace Components at Aero India 2023



Take a look at Apollo’s complete range of American and European specification products ranging from nuts, bolts, screws and rivets, through to bearings, seals, labels and hydraulic fittings.

We are fully accredited to AS9120 Rev B and AS9100 Rev D, and hold many OEM manufacturer approvals including Airbus, Boeing, GE Aviation and Collins Aerospace.

Apollo Aerospace Components is a master distributor for SPS Flexloc, the classic all-metal self-locking nuts. We will deliver the highest quality Flexloc locknuts that are used in a wide range of applications in the Automotive, Industrial, Aerospace and Military Vehicle markets.



Apollo Aerospace Components is a master distributor for Ensinger plastics. The plastic solutions include stock shapes, compounds, sintered plastics, profiles and tubes, injection molding, additive manufacturing, composites, machined parts etc.

We are an Aerospace distributor for Ensinger plastics which means we have the products and expertise to meet your most exacting requirements. Please get in touch with our sales and technical team to get to know more on plastic products.



Dealing with a complex electrical connector market? Do you face difficulty in choosing the right product? 

We at Apollo aim to remove complexity and ensure our customers have the right solution for their application on electrical connectors.

Apollo is approved to AS9100 Rev D for value-add assembly and AS9120 Rev B for distribution.

We are a value-add connector distributor (VAD) assembling MIL-DTL-38999 Series III and MILDTL-26482 Series II connectors and a franchised distributor of selected products from industry leading manufacturers. 

Meet our experienced sales and technical team for product selection and to meet all your needs whether you have a single product enquiry or a bill of materials.

Visit us at Hall F, Stall Number FS2.7 to experience Apollo’s full range of products from electrical connectors/ hardware/ plastic solutions and let our experienced sale and technical team assist you for your needs!